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How to Play Online Satta Matka with Satta Bet App

  • → Download the Satta Bet App and Complete the Registration (Sign up) Form
  • → Recharge Your Wallet with ₹ 300
  • → Play betting on your favourite Satta Matka Markets
  • → Win Huge Real Cash
  • → 24/7 Instant Withdrawals and Deposit Service available
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OPEN : 01.00 PM

Balaji Day

CLOSE : 02.00 PM

OPEN : 04:48 PM


CLOSE : 06:48 PM

OPEN : 09.30 PM

Rajdhani Night

CLOSE : 11.45 PM

OPEN : 12:40 PM

Time Kalyan

CLOSE : 02:40 PM

OPEN : 08:25 PM

Balaji Night

CLOSE : 10:25 PM

OPEN : 07:55 PM

Syndicate Night

CLOSE : 08:55 PM

OPEN : 02:30 PM

Morning Syndicate

CLOSE : 03:30 PM

OPEN : 05.00 PM

Online Disawar

OPEN : 08.00 PM

Online Ghaziyabad

OPEN : 11.00 PM

Online Gali

OPEN : 06.00 PM

Online Faridabad

OPEN : 10:00 PM

Dubai Star Line

OPEN : 11.00 AM

Kalyan Star Line

OPEN : 09.30 AM

Milan Star Line

OPEN : 02.30 PM


CLOSE : 04:30 PM

OPEN : 04.30 PM

Janta Day

CLOSE : 06:30 PM

OPEN : 10:00 PM

Morning Syndicate Night

CLOSE : 11:00 PM

OPEN : 12:30 PM

Dhanlaxmi Day

CLOSE : 02:30 PM

OPEN : 10:00 PM

Dhanlaxmi Night

CLOSE : 11:30 PM

OPEN : 09:05 PM

Milan Night

CLOSE : 11:15 PM

OPEN : 07:00 PM

Main Sridevi Night

CLOSE : 08:00 PM

OPEN : 03:15 PM

Main Ratan Day

CLOSE : 05:15 PM

OPEN : 08:30 PM

Madhuri Night

CLOSE : 10:30 PM


Starline Bhav

  • Single Digits 1 = ₹10
  • Triple Patti 1 = ₹800
  • Single Patti 1 = ₹150
  • Double Patti 1 = ₹300

Regular Bhav

  • Sangam 1 = ₹100
  • Jodi 1 = ₹100
  • Triple Patti 1 = ₹800
  • Double Patti 1 = ₹300
  • Single Digits 1 = ₹10

King Bhav

  • First Digit 1 = ₹10
  • Second Digit 1 = ₹100
  • Jodi 1 = ₹100


Satta bet app is one of the top online satta betting app with its unique user friendly features and functionalities. This app offers all kinds of bazars for its players. Satta Matka markets ranging from Regular satta Bazar, King Bazar, and the Starline Bazar. The regular bazar consists of Kalyan, Milan, Balaji, Rajdhani, Sridevi, Time Syndicate, and many more other markets. Other than that there is King Market such as Gali, Disawar, Faridabad, Gaziabad, and many more. The major difference among the King bazar and the Regular bazar is that the King Bazar displays results once a day and the Regular bazar displays results twice a day. And you can get all of this and many more only at the best satta matka app, i.e. Satta Bet app.

This app offers the best matka games, exclusive Casino games like Andar Bahar, Roulette, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Poker, and other form of gambling games. This gaming app presents an amalgamation of all kinds of real money games from every state and country in India.

This Diverse app has a variety of transaction methods included that promises a complete safe way to transfer money to its users. This site has accurate records of all the markets, their timings, their Jodi and panel charts. The app has an amazing feature called wallet history and gaming history to keep track of all the activities. Satta Bet App is the most preferred Satta Matka App as it offers 24/7 deposit and withdrawal options. In addition to this there is a live chat option, customer care service, and feedback option to help all the customers.

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Just like other trendy games, online casinos have also gained quite some popularity in India. Some of the best well-known Indian house games like Andar Bahar and teen Patti have now made a place in the online casino family. Satta Bet App has the online casino option that has enabled people to enjoy all the luxuries of lavish casinos from the comfort of their own homes. This is because playing online can help you tackle all the distractions and help you to win.

We have provide Some of the top casino games:- Roulette, Teen Patti, Andhar Bahar, Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Blackjack .

Why Should You Choose A Satta Bet App?

  • ★ It's a user-friendly app with a simple interface.
  • ★ Installation is free and straightforward.
  • ★ It is a verified app modified with the latest technologies and data measurements safeguarding the user's privacy.
  • ★ Each primary market is listed separately, allowing easy access to its sub-markets.
  • ★ The casinos' online games, slots and poker, king bazar are separately listed with the game details.
  • ★ The wallet feature records the entire transaction history for you.
  • ★ The app is linked with bank details, and it becomes easy for instant deposits and withdrawals online with your app within moments.
  • ★ Down below is given a live chat facility with game experts. Often the players are confused with their plays and hopes if they get assistance from industry experts and satta kings online. The live chat facility helps reduce mental stress by acquiring the best tips to continue games confidently and joyfully.
  • ★ Direct call facility helps you get connected to the support team for any issue or error and bring it to solve instantly.
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